How to remove facial hair for Women

How to remove facial hair for women [All possible ways to remove hair from face]

If you suddenly find that you have excess facial hair, you may want to remove it. However, with all the information and misinformation out there about the best methods for removing facial hair, maybe you miss a bit. Read the following for basic guidance on the main methods to eliminate it.

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Fast Procedures
    Try tweezers: Tweezing or removing hair with tweezers is an effective method to remove hair from any part of the face. The only drawback is that it takes a long time and is a bit painful, especially in sensitive areas.
    Test with an electric shaver: An electric shaver is a device that removes a lot of hair at a time which cost usually varies between $ 30 and $ 100. While it is effective, fast and relatively inexpensive, it can cause pain the first time it is used. However, as the waxing, the pain diminishes over time as you get used to the feeling.
    Try hair coloring: Often known as “fading”, it is the practice to dye hair with the same or similar color to skin tone so as not so noticeable. The color you choose depends on your skin tone, often you can buy special kits for the face.
    Try a chemical depilatory: In this group all are creams, lotions and related products using a chemical process to “melt” the hair. These are very cheap, easy to use and usually are painless. However, they can cause chemical burns if used incorrectly and the effects generally last only a week.
    Try waxing: Waxing is one of the most common methods to remove facial hair. The cost of this procedure depends on how much you want depilatory face; but generally it is not very expensive. Normally, the effects last for a few weeks; however, the procedure is painful and can cause ingrown hairs.

    Try the Threading: Does the pain of waxing and the price of an electric shaver are not for you? Then the Threading is an easy way to remove hair from your eyebrows, lips or face in general. This method is simple to learn, easy to make, relatively painless and does not require any tool. All you need is a piece of string! You can also go to a salon to make you a professional hair removal thread, but only if you really want.
    Try to cut the hair: If you care more about the hair on your eyebrows than other areas of the face, consider trimming the hair instead of Plucking. Trim eyebrows makes them appear less thick and dark, it is also easy and inexpensive to make at home.

    Shave moderately: Of course you can also shave facial hair of any area bother you. While it is true that If you shave it will grow thicker or dark; often causes some bumps and ingrown hairs so you shave moderately or take appropriate precautions.

Permanent procedures

    Consider the depilatory laser treatment: This process uses pulses of light to destroy the hair root. It does not get removed automatically but manages to fall over time. It gives a better outcome in those with dark hair and fair skin. It costs hundreds of dollars and need retouching once a year, significantly reduces the appearance of hair.

    Consider electrolysis: Currently, it is the only method of hair removal certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is done by introducing a very small needle into the skin that kills cells that cause hair growth. It is a very effective method and its price is similar to the laser hair removal treatment. However, it can cause scarring and is not recommended for people with dark skin tone as they have increased risk of developing a scar.

    Try creams by prescription: There is a prescription cream that will work similarly to the aforementioned manner depilatory methods. Although this alone will not usually be able to remove hair permanently, there is some evidence that sometimes it can produce this effect.

    Try hormonal treatments or oral contraceptives: If the thickness and color of the hair due to hormones, this can only be determined by the physician, you can make the hair back to normal by use of oral contraceptives or hormone treatments, which also regulate hormones. Consult your doctor about the options and conditions.

Check with your doctor

    Ask your doctor what treatments are recommended. When determining that want to eliminate or reduce facial hair, consider talking to your doctor. They should be able to recommend and discuss various options, as well as warn about the risks.

    Consultation on the risks involved. Each of the above procedures involve risks. Before getting any of them, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor about the health risks associated. For example, electrolysis can not be used if you have a pacemaker.

    Consider the underlying health conditions. Also, the doctor and you have to consider the underlying health conditions. There are a number of health conditions, some benign and easy to treat and more worrying, which generate increased hair growth or unusual areas.

        Hormonal flows that can cause such changes are associated with age. Therefore, girls and older women are more prone to this problem.

        Also, changes in hair can be caused by tumors in the glands that control hormones in response to pregnancy or certain medications.

        Beware of other symptoms associated with hormonal disorders such as irregular menstruation, weight gain, acne and hair loss.

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