Substances in avocados help to fight leukemia

Substances in avocados help to fight leukemia

Substances in avocados help to fight leukemiaMyeloid leukemia – refers to the types of cancer in which the bone marrow stem cells are “inadequate”  inhabitants of the body. They displace healthy cells from the bone marrow that give rise to infection and frequently death. Lethal outcome catches 90% of the cases, at the age of 65 years

Professor Paul Spanuolo from University of Waterloo had found useful lipids in the fruit of the avocado, which are opposed myeloid leukemia.

For a long time scientists say about the nutritional properties of the fruit of avocado, but such studies have not been conducted in the past.

The fact that the avocado contain antioxidants and healthy fats. More specifically, compound substances called Avocatin B which accurately hit “broken” bone marrow stem cells and can be used without causing peripheral damage to surrounding healthy cells.

According to the professor, it was tested on many levels, which showed the work and impact of this compound at the molecular level and has proven effective in the fight against affected leukemia stem cells, while healthy cells remained intact.

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