10 Craziest Things You Can Afford Only if you are Rich enough..

10 Craziest things you can buy only if you are Rich enough..

Spy master orcasub (Submarine)
Spy master orcasub(Submarine):
The spy master orca sub is a private submarine that can reach depths of about 2,000 feet below the surface. this two million dollars submersible can hold up to two passengers and is equipped with life support systems that can sustain both people for about 80 hours designed to resemble a deep-sea fighter jet. The battery powered sub is piloted by using two foot pedals in the joystick equipped with 360-degree OpenView domes and 60,000 luminous works with LED lighting. it’s the ultimate toy for aspiring explorers up the briny deep.

Zafirro iridium (Platinum Razor)

Zafirro iridium (Platinum Razor)

The Zafirro iridium may sound like an alien language from a sci-fi video game, but is actually a 100 thousand dollar Razor. Its handle is made from a metal found in meteorites and the blades are less than a hundred Adams across(that’s five thousand times smaller than the hair that its cutting). Even the screws that hold it in place are made of 99.9% pure platinum. This limited edition razor is guaranteed to last the owner for 20 long years.

Golf cart Hovercraft BW1

Golf cart Hovercraft BW1
Check out the world’s first hovercraft golf cart the BW1. this vehicle is able to glide over any terrain including grass, sand and water. it can reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour and carry four passengers between holes and for 58 grand this floating ferry is well worth the George wrapping admiration from onlookers as well as some disdainful stares from your golf riders. Hovercraft Golf Cart Cost $20,000.

Darkstar opulence (Home audio system)
Darkstar opulence Home audio system
The Darkstar opulence is a high-fidelity home audio system that cause 1.2 million dollars. the designers up the speakers have come up with innovative technology that delivers music straight into the listeners bring which means that your favorite song can be fully experience with the ears completely plugged up. the opulence ways over 3,000 pounds due to an internal vibrational control system. wealthy music kind of source should act fast because the company will only make ten pairs of these handcrafted speakers.

Kohler NUMI (fascinating toilet potty)

Kohler NUMI fascinating toilet potty
Kohler is a company that takes pride on the bold looks up their sinks showers and faucets. so it’s no surprise that they designed a fascinating toilet called the NUMI. it has heated seats, a foot warmer, deodorizer, mp3 player, integrated lighting and motion sensors that lifts the lid when you walk into the bathroom. All of these can be controlled by the remote including the big day for optimal cleansing. It costs about 45 hundred dollars. With this system you can take care of your business even from your bathroom..

24 Carat Gold Toilet Paper (World’s most expensive toilet paper)

24 Carat Gold Toilet Paper World's most expensive toilet paper
How about wiping your behind with the role of 24 carat gold toilet paper at 1.3 million dollars. this is the most expensive three ply toilet paper in the world. only one of these roles have been manufactured and surprisingly there aren’t any interested buyers. Made by the toilet paper man located in Australia he claims it would take your backside to another level of sophistication.

KR01 Caracas (mechanize robot)

KR01 Caracas mechanize robo

The KR01 Caracas is a personal mechanize robot that you can actually fit inside, standing at over thirteen feet and weighing in at a hefty 4.5 tons. This is a 1.2 million dollar diesel-powered instrument of annihilation. Once inside, you can control the movements of his arms torsos and wheels with the flick of the wrist. It is also equipped with the Gatling gun, capable of firing a hundred rounds bps per second which is only activated when the pilot smiles. the company has officially named it the smile shot.

Sky penthouse of the Odeon Tower (Most expensive Apartment)

Sky penthouse of the Odeon Tower most expensive apartment
The Sky penthouse of the Odeon Tower in Monaco is the most expensive apartment in the world. The asking price, 400 million dollars. It has five private elevator accessible floors with over 38,000 square feet of space. the lucky resident has access to a 360 degree view over the Mediterranean Sea. it has an outdoor rooftop circular infinity pool links to a balcony by a water slide. the epitome of a luxury lifestyle beyond imagination.

1963 Ferrari 250 GTO (Most expensive car)

1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Most expensive car
The 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO is the most expensive car ever sold. An anonymous buyer paid off $52 million dollars in acquired the classic automobile. why so much money? its rarity.. only 39 of these particular cars were produced not to mention the fact that each one was built by head
making even more desirable in the eyes of an avid collector.

Killer whale submarine 
Killer whale submarine Image result for killer whale submarine
You wanna know what it feels like to be inside an Orcas, but you don’t want to be eaten alive..! Introducing the killer whale submarine, a pilot pushes and pulls twin control levers to articulate the whales pectoral fins four rolls and stealthy dive, travel at speeds up to 50 miles/hr on the surface or dive a little bit. For 90 thousand dollars you’ll have people trying to ship to see world in no time..

Spy master orcasub(Submarine), Zafirro iridium (Platinum Razor), Golf cart Hovercraft BW1, Darkstar opulence (Home audio system), Kohler NUMI(fascinating toilet potty), 24 Carat Gold Toilet Paper( World’s most expensive toilet paper), KR01 Caracas(mechanize robo) , Sky penthouse of the Odeon Tower( most expensive apartment), 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO(Most expensive car), Killer whale submarine
10 Craziest things you can afford only if you are Rich enough..


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