10 ways to Improve your Memory Power

We have listed 10 important ways to Improve your Memory Power

10. Get things Organized:

Inorganized: you are apparently more likely to forget things if your house is cluttered and in a state of untidiness. ideally you wanna note down tasks, events and all the stuffs in the form of electronic planner. so ideally when you note down your tasks and events and important things.. I’m sure you have to do in some form of electronic planner and it’s also important to regularly make to do lists. but, of course, this answer is a bit of cheat however the easiest way to remember things is to make sure you write everything down.

10 ways to Improve your Memory Power, Techniques to Help Improve Your Memory

9. Get a good night’s sleep:

Sleep plays really important role and allow your brain to consolidate all the memories and thoughts you had that day allow you to recall them better in the future when needed. most adults need about 7 – 8 hours sleep a day. just make sure that everything works properly because the lack of sleep can have a whole bunch negative affect on you as a human in terms of memory retention recall specifically lack of sleep will enhance the formation and ‘beta amyloid’ which is a toxic protein that will clog up your brain.

8. Play Brain Games:

If you don’t continue to challenge your brain with new information you’ll eventually see your memory begin to deteriorate. obviously there are quite a few different brain games you can play. some of which more famous than others but there even a whole bunch of free brain games you can play on the web. be specifically created games can sharp in a range of skills from reading to improve memorization, although you will need to invest at least 20 minutes a day for these games to become effective.

7. Master a New skill:

A pretty important factor in turn of improve your brain function or reversing a functional decline is the seriousness of purpose with which you engage tasks in other words the tasks that you choose to focus on should be important to you must be something that can hold your attention. It said that mastering a skill takes 10,000 hours which sounds like a law. actually if you start now.. really focus.. you’ll be done before you know it.

6. Clench your fist:

To whatever reason research points towards the fact that holding up your right hand and squeeze tightly makes it easy to memorize information such as phone numbers. when you want to retrieve that information researchers suggest clinching the left faced. with such movement said to activate brain regions key to the storing and recalling of memories. just make sure you don’t concentrate too hard while trying to remember things because looking a bit stressed and clenching your fists might be taken the wrong way by strangest.

5. Learn something new before you go to sleep:

It said that the way to consolidate a memory is to go through the information just before you head to bed. which is why it’s not totally insane when people trying cram loads of stuffing on the night before their exams. although on a topic of exams a little tip from me, repetition. Write what you need to remember down three times and each time write in a different way by the time you finish doing that you remember it for a long time.

4. Exercise more

Being told to exercise might be boring as hell but it’s basically a free wonder drug that fixes all sorts of stuff. aerobic exercises been proven to improve cognitive function and can subsequently enhance your memory. Exercise also boost the growth of new brain cells ‘neighbor campus’ an area of the brain attained the memory and learning. basically it just makes everything better. so seriously, kids are exercised.

3. Drink more milk

I know you’re thinking we aren’t being bribed by cows. scientists ask nearly a thousand people to fill in surveys on a diet to complete a test to check the concentration, memory and learning abilities. the adults who consume dairy products at least five or six times a week performed considerably better in memory tests compared to those who rarely drank or ate them. so apparently milk is going good for memory retention.

2. Eat properly

Healthy diet is as good for your brain as is for your heart. consume whole grains, vegetables and fruits and eat low-fat protein sources such as fish, meat.

if that sounds like an absolutely tedious way to live your life then here is an easy way you can prove it. don’t forget that what you drink is very important. if you don’t drink enough water you will start to lose memories and that sounds incredibly tedious then do remember that isn’t easier way you can also help. drinking lots of water is always a good thing to do. think if you don’t drink enough water you will start to lose memory.

1. Stay mentally active

Mentally stimulating activities assist a law in keeping a brain in shape just in the same way that physical activity will help keep your body in shape and that means just mix it up a big you know take an alternative route when you’re driving somewhere,  read the portions of the news you generally skip and maybe try a little crossword puzzle.

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