4 Brilliant Ways to Release your Inner Genius..

4 Brilliant Ways to Release your Inner Genius..

Tony Buzan is a leading expert on the brain and learning who has authored and coauthored over 100 books. Tony is the inventor of the revolutionary mind mapping technique. through his work in the media Tony aims to educate the world on how to use the brain more effectively.

4 Brilliant Ways to Release your Inner Genius, Brain training guide, Improve brain function, train your brain

In this article he talks about finding the potential brilliance that he believes everyone has..

Step 1: Realized the power of your brain

The first thing is that everybody has the potential for genius. the human brain is far more powerful than a computer than a super computer. its potential is still not know but every time they put a boundary on it the brain bursts through the boundary and goes further and further. so brilliance is a potential for everybody.

Step 2: Make your brain your hubby.

So once you’re aware what are you gonna do it her you know you’ve got it and the second step is a very simple one its you decide that you’re going to make your brain your hobby. As soon as you do that your brain is like a young child, if you suddenly focus on a young child what happens? it flourishes. same with the brains the many you make your hobby the many you scan the web the minute you going to library, the minute you attend courses, the minute you read books on it your brain will reward you in ways which even you know wouldn’t even believe will be so.

Step 3: Use your left and right brain

The left side to the brain is dominant in the following kinds and skills.
words, numbers, lines, lists, logic, analysis are the left side skills.

 The right side tends to be dominant in rhythm, in color, in special awareness, in imagery, in daydreaming and you must know that for example creativity is not as nearly everyone in the world thinks right brained the creativity involves logic it involves analysis, it involves words, songs, opera so  the conclusion is that both sides of the brain the cortex need to be used in harmony with each other then you get an explosion of creativity.

Step 4: Daydream

The nice thing about daydreaming is the dream in which has been considered a sign of incompetence, a sign of bad academic potential. we now realize the daydreaming can break you or make you. the great geniuses did something different, they day dreamed big, they had a big vision. ‘Thomas Edison’ for example, his daydream was into invent the light bulb his daydreams to light the planet Earth at night that was his daydream. so the difference between the kind of a waste of time daydreaming and the genius daydreaming, the brilliant daydreaming which everyone can do.


Have the attitude that you can, believe that your brain can and then daydream whatever you want to come true and then work to make it come true.. dance, brilliance and anyone can do it.

4 Brilliant Ways to Release your Inner Genius, Brain training guide, Improve brain function, train your brain


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