How to make Really cool Easter Egg out of String?

DevHex is going to show you how to make really cool ‘Easter egg’ out of string.

Materials required to make the Easter Egg craft: 

Really cool Easter Egg out of String, easter crafts ideas, candy balloon easter egg making instructions

Cardboard roll/tube
Color wrapped candies 
Craft Glue
String roll

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String Easter Egg Making Instructions: 

Take a balloon and a cardboard roll then carefully open up the balloon with your fingers and flood it over the end to the tube. next take some color wrapped chocolate and pour them down the tube into the balloon. if it fills up you can just blow into the tube to inflate the balloon so they all fall in, then carry on filling the remaining sweets. Make sure all the sweets have dropped into the balloon and there’s none left in the tube.  then take the balloon off and you should have something which looks like this.

String Easter Egg Making Instructions

How to make Really cool Easter Egg out of String, easter crafts idea, candy balloon easter egg making instruction for easter festival decorations for kids
Next slightly inflate the balloon to make egg shaped and tie it off the next step is to take some craft glue and squirt some into a bowl,  you can add a drop of water if it’s thick and give it a mix then take a ball of string unroll and load into the bowl cut off the string and soak it all in the glue. leave the end of the string hanging out so you know where it is but coating it with glue as well. then add a better food coloring into it to get the string some color. in this video, devhex is using a little bit of red and a bit of yellow, next take the balloon and tie the string right at the top then start wrapping the string all the way around the balloon keep going to make a nice that is all the way around. if the string becomes knotted use some scissors to cut off find the end again and carry on you can add more string in glue if you need to and when you’re done keep it on a plate and leave it somewhere warm to dry.

it’ll probably take at least a day. when it’s dry it should feel nice and crisp take a needle or a pen and pop the balloon if you’re lucky all the sweets will just drop at it but if they don’t use a pair of scissors carefully pop in through the string and cut the balloon out. you now have a homemade string easter egg filled with chocolate.. pretty cool huh..

It makes a great Easter decoration and it’s fun to make with children. to get the chocolate out make a hole through the string and carefully remove them I hope you’ve enjoyed watching DIY Really cool Easter Egg out of String video


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