Viral Video: Woman Motorcyclist rescues tiny kitten from traffic video goes viral / Biker saves kitten from middle of busy intersection

Biker Saves a Kitten in the Middle of Intersection, Motorcyclist rescues kitten from traffic- Good Hearted Motorcycle Rider

VIDEO: Woman Motorcyclist rescues tiny kitten from traffic video goes viral / Biker saves kitten from  from middle of busy intersection

Biker saves kitten Motorcycle girl saves kitten from middle of busy intersection

Motorcyclist rescues kitten from traffic – Motorcyclist Narrowly Saves Kitten And Gets It On Tape (Video Caught on Gopro Camera)

The woman who rescued the kitten says “Still shaking! After spotting a terrified kitten, the brave woman named Laney decided to driving into a busy intersection to save the little furball. Biker saves Skidmarks the kitten in middle of busy Oklahoma crossroads.

This kitten is extremely lucky the biker with the camera running was paying attention! While waiting at a busy intersection for her light to turn in north-west Oklahoma on Monday. a Kitten was appearing on the spot she suddenly leaves her bike and runs into a busy road to save the life of a lost kitten.

She posted the video titled as I sound stupid, but I saved a kitten

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As you Watch the Biker Stop Traffic In A Busy Intersection To Save A kitten – This biker is sat waiting patiently at a red light, when she notices a kitten in the middle of the road. She pulls her bike across the road, and saves the tiny kitten from being run over in the middle of an intersection.

As shown in the viral video from the motorcyclist’s GoPro camera shows the kitten fall from a red car and sit, frightened, in the middle of the intersection on Monday as cars speed past.  “Thank you for saving that frightened and adorable kitten.”.

Brilliant Texas woman who saved a kitten in the middle of a busy intersection this week is being hailed as a hero by feline enthusiasts everywhere, Good Hearted Motorcycle Rider.

“This is the most satisfyingly adorable thing I’ve ever seen on here. Bravo!”

“Humans can be phenomenal at adapting. I think our problem is that we hold on to the past too tightly. Kitties and puppies are great at living in the moment.”

“I’d be lying if I said your video hasn’t deeply affected me. You see, I can relate to that kitten caught in traffic. He’s out there all alone, unkempt and hairy, and the world barely swerves to avoid him as it passes him by at what seems a slightly unreasonable rate of speed. The only difference is that I don’t see a lady with a rocketcrotch coming to save me any time soon. Oh, well. As the French say, “Les étrangers sont en train de ruiner notre pays.””

“From the title I really was expecting to see you riding at full speed through traffic then do a skid turn while simultaneously snagging the cat from almost falling down an open manhole cover and zooming away right before a gas explosion erupts out of the sewer…but what you did is okay too.”

“That cat is wild cute, you should keep him! But that was super heroic, that cat would have died otherwise honestly.”

“At 0:12 seconds it looks like it falls from near the front left wheel, so it was probably hiding under the bonnet” – “0.12 seconds? That’s a very precise moment you’ve captured there.”

God. The motorcycle, the leather gloves, the engine noise, the
terrified meowing… that was some badass, superhero-level kitten

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