Best way to remove Tomato Sauce stains using lemon

Best way to remove tomato sauce stains | Tomato Sauce Stain Removal Video Guide

Step by step ideas for stain removal of tomato sauce in clothing. Learn how to remove tomato sauce stains from your clothing.

Get tomato sauce and salsa out of delicate fabrics using lemon and some gentle rubbing.

Whether it’s a dinner party or Super Bowl, sooner or later somebody’s probably going to spill something like tomato sauce, salsa, something, on a good fabric. This is a quick way to get tomato sauce, salsa out. Go ahead and take all the excess and just scrape it off. Flip it over. Take a half cut lemon. Go ahead and squeeze some of the juice and just gently work through it. It’s important that you work on the stain from the flip side. That way you really get the stain out and not because you don’t want to push the stain deeper in. Then you just rinse this under a thin stream of  water. Now at this point most the stains gone but go ahead and take the lemon, squeeze it over again. Let that air dry and it’ll be gone. As a last ditch effort, throw some salt on there before you do that second lemon squeeze and then just gently, gently scrub it, that’ll help get it out.

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