Incredibles 2 (2018) Official Teaser Trailer

Incredibles 2 Official Teaser Trailer: Release Date: June 15, 2018


 Incredibles 2 Official Teaser Trailer: Release Date: June 15, 2018

Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes is back in Incredibles 2! See the first official teaser trailer now!

‘Incredibles 2’ is the most-viewed animated movie trailer ever..

13 years after the release of “The Incredibles,” Disney-Pixar has released a teaser trailer for the follow-up, “Incredibles 2.

Disney/Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” opens in theatres in 3D June 15th, 2018


INCREDIBLES 2 Teaser Trailer Breakdown, Reaction + What You Missed!

The Incredibles are back for the

brand-new teaser trailer for the super

long awaited sequel yippee-ki-yay movie

lovers it’s Jan here and in this video

I’m going to break down the new teaser

the Pixar’s Incredibles 2.

I’m really excited for this movie I love

the style of the animation and the score

by Michael Giacchino is just gorgeous so

I can’t wait to see in here lots more of

that the way the teaser kicks off here

will feel familiar to you if you’ve

watched Pixar’s short film

jack-jack attack where you’ll have seen

the Parr family’s youngest child passed

through solid objects like he does here

notice in the teaser footage that when

jack-jack can uses his laser vision it’s

green whereas in jack-jack attack is

actually purple I wonder if there’s a

significant reason behind that change of

color or whether the filmmakers think

this new color looks better with the

rest of the color scheme in the new

movie or perhaps most likely it’s just

because the background in this teaser is

red and Jack Jackson laser vision

wouldn’t have stood out as clearly

against that if they’d use purple

instead of the green color they’ve gone

for here I thought it was really fun the

way they use Jack Jack to create the

movie’s new logo from the old one so we

see Jack Jack use his laser vision to

split the single eye to create two eyes

which is a really cool and clever way to

show visually that this is a second film

Incredibles – and it was also funny

later in the clip when he zaps his dad

splitting his hair in two down the

middle in a similar way we already saw

Jack Jack unleash a variety of

superpowers in front of his babysitter

and against the villain a syndrome in

both the first Incredibles feature film

and the short film but his parents

didn’t see those powers because when

Syndrome was battling the baby high up

in the sky Jack Jack’s family were on

the ground below however at the very end

of the Incredibles we did see Jack

jacked on a mask like the rest of his

family seemingly ready to do battle with

the villain the Underminer

who was voiced by Pixar’s good luck

charm John Ratzenberger and that’s

exactly where the new movie will pick up

some Incredibles – footage that screened

at d23 this summer showed Jack Jack

using his powers against a raccoon and

his father Bob waking up and cheering he

has powers and if you compare that to

this new teaser trailer it sounds a

little like this is a variation of the

end of that d23 footage I love the way

in this teaser that his father is so

proud of his sons superhero abilities

and I also loved the way that Jack Jack

seems to sneeze here which causes him to

cross through a range of his powers in a

similar way to how he seemed to hiccup

in Jack Jack attack just before he

turned into a fireball showing perhaps

that he’s not in complete control yet of

all his powers it’s a shame we don’t get

to see the whole family in the teaser

though I’m sure we’ll get to see more of

them in the first full trailer according

to writer director Brad Bird Elastigirl

will be at the forefront of the action

in the new feature while Bob Parr aka

mr. incredible has to stay home facing

his biggest challenge yet and I’m

guessing that some of that challenge

will be linked to what we’ve just seen

in this teaser and the revelation of

Jack Jack’s superpowers so how excited

are you for Incredibles 2 and what did

you think of the teaser trailer let me

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yippee-ki-yay movie lovers


 Incredibles 2 Official Teaser Trailer REACTION

where is my supersuit I eat that turkey

then I take oh yeah I would win for this

for like my whole life 2018 let’s get it

bro I’m so excited but I’ve been waiting

for this for Hotel Transylvania 3 I was

watching it like where is my Incredibles

2 teaser trailer though like you

shouldn’t be out buying it either then

luckily I literally got a notification

from Disney Pixar as soon as I walked in

the door to my dorm this morning it was

perfect timing I’m so excited who isn’t

excited to be honest like kids my age

and older even kids younger are gonna be

excited because everybody loves The

Incredibles I don’t know not one person

doesn’t like The Incredibles my favorite

incredible is probably dad you guys so

much for watching make sure you like

this video subscribe to my channel all

my social media will be down below and

I’ll catch you guys in the next one



I hope this isn’t just Jack Jack running around oh that was quick ah that’s it that is such a – that’s not my trailer that’s a teaser I feel like Hollywood really needs to figure out like trailers and teasers oh well it’s a teaser trailer yeah Cesar it was all wasted either I thought it was a trailer I really need to figure out my teasers from trailers.

well man I thought it was gonna be like like in the future but this is like right after yeah this is right after Incredibles this what oh man I don’t really have anything to say though because we we already knew Jeff Jack had powers yeah this is a good time setting the time frame yeah I guess I don’t know that’s actually kind of disappointing having just watched The Incredibles yeah I really still I was really like scheming in my head like what what could they possibly do what 13 years later 12 years later after The Incredibles the kids have grown up it doesn’t look like the kids are growing up anytime soon it looks like it’s still gonna be the struggles of you know your everyday kid and which I don’t I don’t mind that I don’t mind if it’s right after I don’t I don’t mind either I was just I was hoping cuz that’s kind of been like a family reunion like they’re the kids are like doing their own things living their own lives Jack’s the last one at home I picked her – becoming a bad guy what what you just freak is a very like go-getter personality I could I can picture that like going to his head and it’s like a young Anakin Skywalker it seems to me like Jack Jack’s gonna be more of a liability than anything in this movie cuz he’s he’s a baby like that’s one thing like I was hoping to see his powers like you know fully functional whereas like this it might be like them you know solving crime and then it’s like oh no the baby blew up the house does this mean that like because because of the fact that Jack Jack is so Opie like he has every power in the power set basically that we know of he can become a metal maybe that’s why they kind of had to keep him a baby because it’s like what could they possibly write that they could write characters with superpowers that are like extraordinary and like dumb dumb not dumb them down but like make them have to it would be it would actually be an interesting story if like they had the time jump maybe twelve thirteen years later when Jack Jack’s in middle school or going into high school or something like that and he is struggling to keep the powers inside him in school or everyday life that would have been an interesting one actually I was just thinking we don’t know for sure if that is the time setting like maybe they are just doing this to emphasize that this is going to be more of a movie about Jack Jack probably it could be it could be like could be that – I just realized yeah so yeah I was excited though or maybe once Jack Jack develops his powers mr. incredible kind of spent all his time with Jack Jack and that kind of leaves the other two kids unattended or – over in sports just killing it nobody’s at his games he’s winning by a landslide or just just barely second place every time I’m excited that Incredibles 2 is coming back yeah I can’t wait III want I wanted to see more obviously that’s a real trailer come probably not for a couple months that’s disappointing but it’s coming it’s a-comin and we’ll be here to film it I’ll be here to film it one thing I want to mention when it comes to The Incredibles is a lot of people are like kind of clamoring for the Fantastic Four to be thrown into Marvel so that they can finally get the Fantastic Four right I’m sorry but the Fantastic Four has already been done right and it is the Incredibles all that they did with the Fantastic Four formula was shift the powers around because instead of mr. fantastic it’s mr. incredible which is you know saying the exact same thing but his power set has been thrown to Elastigirl who has elasticity Elastigirl is not the Sioux storms character Sioux storms ability set was passed down to violet who is actually taking up the role of the thing because she’s insecure she doesn’t want to be seen by the general public she’s trying to find love and the things powers were transmitted to mr. incredible although he doesn’t appear in rock form he is a super-powered B it’s sure actually and – instead of you know having the fiery persona of Human Torch kind of just got another power altogether which is super speed and stuff like that so it’s definitely a play on the Fantastic Four formula and it was done so well I want that I want to see that played out a little more and we actually do get a Human Torch baby well the jack-jack the torch a baby torch he’s got a lot of powers yeah it’s more than just torch he’s a baby and this is like a baby pocketknife a baby’s super-powered pocketknife yes like one of those pens that you can change the colors he’s got it all guys we just filmed our latest weekly vlog and we talked about should the x-men and Fantastic Four be added to the MCU if that Disney Foxx murder ever happened you can check that out over there we read a lot of your answers to our weekly poll and we hope you guys can participate in our next week’s Weekly poll which is coming tomorrow at noon thanks guys bye show me what you got how’s it going guys and geeks welcome back to the geek boutique show I’m Dakota and I’m Jen Incredibles Incredibles – they’ve removed the the in but like before Incredibles and Lunas very upset about that because she just we introduced her to The Incredibles just like just later day and she was in love with it so it’s a fantastic film we watched it again I think I think she fell asleep during it honestly but she’s still a top but yeah let’s do this please I can’t yeah Jack Jack’s little baby thise


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