Are You Destined to Be Fat? How to Reverse Your Insulin Resistance?

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance | Natural Cure for Insulin Resistance Diabetes

Why do some people collect fat and stay hungry, and why do other people not collect fat and stay full of energy, slim and trim?

What causes people like me and you to store more of the food we eat as fat, instead of burning that food for energy?

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The person who stores what he eats as fat has got a problem and that problem is what doctors call “insulin resistance“.

Those of us with insulin resistance, make too much insulin when we eat or drink foods that turn into sugar in our bodies.

This video is about Insulin resistance and  Weight Loss Techniques…

You know what, if you’re fat around the middle, got a fat belly, you probably have insulin resistance. Because doctors believe that insulin resistant people have in common is a big belly.

The fatter and bigger your belly is, the more insulin resistant you probably are. And the fatter your belly gets, the more insulin you make when you eat carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are any food or drink that our body turns into the sugar as soon as we eat it, like potatoes, corn, sugar, soft drinks, cake, cookies, and bread.

Here’s the Insulin resistance problem in a nutshell:

Whenever you eat anything with sugar or anything that your body turns into sugar, in other words carbohydrate. Your pancreas, a little organ right below your liver, releases insulin to keep your blood sugar at a certain level.

Insulin is a hormone that your body uses to drive sugar out of your bloodstream and into your muscles to use as energy. And insulin also drives sugar and fat that you eat into your fat cells to store for energy between meals and while you sleep.

Insulin is normal and healthy and life giving, but for people who tend to get fat, we’ve got this problem called insulin resistance.

When insulin levels are high in your body

If you have insulin resistance, and if you have a fat belly, then when you eat carby-sugary foods, your muscles, your organs, even your fat cells resist the drive of insulin to put more sugar in them. They refuse accepting anymore sugar, It’s like your muscles say “No more, no thank you.” They resist the drive of insulin to force this sugar into them.

And you know, this is dangerous because your body has got to get this sugar out your blood, it can’t stay there or you’d die, so your pancreas makes more insulin to force these resistant cells to accept the sugar.

Now here’s the problem, when insulin levels are high in your body, you can not burn fat. You can’t burn the fat you just ate and you can’t burn the fat around your belly for energy. The problem goes even further for the big belly, insulin resistant person, the more insulin you release and the longer your insulin level stay up, the more of the food that you just ate is locked up in your fat and can’t be burned as energy.

Why do you Feel hungry even after eating?

You just ate a big bowl of cereal, but your muscles are insulin resistant, so you made too much insulin to force the Sugar into your muscles. This high insulin locks a big part of this cereal up in your fat cells. In other words, your fat belly stole your breakfast and if it steals a part of your breakfast, It leaves you hungry. If your still hungry after eating, You’ll eat more.

You’ll eat more, to make up for the cereal your fat cells are holding onto. And if you eat a snack cake and a soft drink between meals, to make up for this cereal that your fat cells stole from you because you’re still hungry, you’ll just spike your insulin again. Keeping your fat locked up even longer, so you can’t burn the fat in your belly between meals.

How does the insulin system work for a skinny person?

For the thin, skinny person, it’s a different situation, his insulin goes up, his muscles accept that sugar, they don’t resist it and this energy makes him feel good and he stores whatever extra calories he ate in his fat cells temporarily, Then his insulin level goes down and he’ll burn the fat that he stored in his fat cells between meals and while he sleeps. he feels good, he doesn’t gain weight. For the thin guy everything’s normal and cool.

But for you, eating a high sugar meal is a problem, because your insulin levels go higher and last longer than the skinny guys. High insulin levels store food as fat and shuts off the burning of fat.

When the person who tends to get fat eats sugary foods, their insulin is higher and lasts longer than the thin person. You can’t burn fat and because you can’t burn part of what you just ate, then you’re left still hungry and with less energy, so you’re also tired.

How Fasting helps you to reduce insulin resistance?

If you don’t have any food (Fasting), What does the body eat?

The body itself has to have constant energy or it would die immediately. So what does the starving body eat when there’s no food?

It eats FAT. It eats it’s own fat. It’s own fat stored around it’s belly and butt and chins. When you’re starving, your own belly fat supplies 85% of your energy needs.

The interesting thing about starvation and fasting is this:
The starving body isn’t doing without fat, they’re eating their own fat. And they are not doing without protein either, because their body breaks down their own tissues for protein.

So, when you starve or fast, you’re really just doing without carbs and you’re eating somewhere around 85% of calories from your own fat.

Are Vegans are really vegetarians?

Vegans and vegetarians are eating their own human animal fat between meals and while they sleep, human animal fat produced by their own body from all the bananas they’ve been eating.

Listen, Your body is designed to release fat when insulin is low. When you eat fat your keeping your insulin low, and you’re going to get to use those fat calories to burn as energy and you’re going to get to use the calories already stored in your fat to tide you over between meals and while you sleep.

But with those of us who are insulin resistant, it is our high insulin levels which block us from burning this fat at a rate that would allow us to remain slim.

When you replace the carbs you took out of your diet, and you add back fat, it keeps you satisfied.
It reduces your appetite, and it gives you control over your appetite for the first time in your life.

Without carbs spiking a high insulin response, fat will give you appetite control like you will not believe until you experience it yourself.


Your body produces insulin when you eat carbs. It also produces insulin when you eat too much protein as there’s a lot of other reasons. But you know, For most big heavy people, the problem is carbs.

When you eliminate the problem, high insulin caused by too much Sugary foods and drinks, you attack and defeat the root cause of your fat collecting problem and the root cause of your appetite control problem.

Insulin resistant Diet

When you eat eggs and bacon, instead of cereal, then you stop your fat cells from stealing your breakfast.

You know the first thing I always hear from people when I tell them about this diet is:

“You mean I have to give up my potatoes and bread? I got to quit drinking soft drinks?”

Yea, you got to give them up. The reason you got to give em up, is you got a carbohydrate problem, you can’t handle the sugar.


Are you really giving up,

  • Potatoes and bread and snack cakes and soft drinks?
  • A big belly, giving up 50 extra pounds, 100 extra pounds, a 150 extra pounds.
  • Arthritis?
  • Acid reflux and heartburn?
  • Sleep apnea and a nighttime breathing mask?
  • A couple hundred dollars of prescription drugs every month or a lot of money for over-the-counter pain relievers every month?
  • Dying twenty years sooner than you should? Or feeling like death while you’re still alive?
  • Not being able to play with your kids and grand kids because your too fat?
  • Not being able to sit in a chair?

You got to see this from the right perspective. When you attack this problem where it lives, too much insulin caused by eating too much sugar. You can get rid of this problem or you can at least beat it down to where it’s manageable. This is not a casual problem you got. It’s really not weight. Weight is the cosmetic thing that you see, but real problem is what’s going on inside your body.


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