17 Creative Food Carving Ideas For Kids

17 Food Carving Ideas –  Simple Fruit Carving Decorations For School Competitions   Beautiful Fruit and Vegetable Carving arts For Kids using Fruits and Vegetables, Cooked and uncooked methods to decorate dining tables, school competitions and helps for Business purpose. Watch Food carving decoration Full Video at the end of this post.. Fruit Stick Lotus Carving…

oneup Instant self inflating life preserver floating tool

Instant Self-inflating Life Saver in Water (OneUp)

Innovative Idea: OneUp – Anyone can save a person from drowning with this innovative Product. OneUp becomes a life preserver the second it comes into contact with the water. Avoid a possible fatality on the water with this wonderful product called OneUp – the ultra compact and portable life preserver. This life-saving device is self-inflating, re-usable, and…

Glass FLOOR with Thousands of Plastic Toys

Interesting Floor design: Thousands of plastic toys hold this glass floor! Floor Installation by Korean Artist Do Ho Suh. This incredible art piece let you stand on the hands and heads of 180,000 very tiny people. The ‘Floor’ installation consists of thousands of multicolored plastic toy figures holding up a Glass Floor. Lehmann Maupin Gallery’s…

DIY Mini NOTEBOOKS - DIY Back to School Ideas, Do it yourself small notebook from paper for kids school project

DIY Mini NOTEBOOKS – DIY Back to School Ideas for Kids

Do it yourself small notebook from paper for kids school project for Kindergarten students You will learn how to make mini cute notebook step by step out of paper from this video. Mini Notebook From A Sheet Of Paper Small notepad | easy mini notebook from one sheet of paper

Fun Summer Project DIY Painting art with Cotton Ball for kids

DIY Fun Painting Art Project for Kids

DIY Painting Art with Cotton Balls Project for Kids It’s very easy and also lots of fun. Materials required for Painting projects: 1) White Poster Board 2) Construction Paper 3) Glue 4) Acrylic paints and brush 5) Cotton balls 6) Pompoms 7) Spanish moss 8) Yellow foam sheet (for the sun)